Speaking pipe

The permanent intervention, PASIONARIA, is located at the beginning of the Avenue of Stalingrad, in the center of Brussels. This public art project was granted to me by the Committee of "Art Urbain" of the Town of Brussels.

The unveiling was on July 7th, 2006.

This Speaking pipe, accesible by a concrete staircase built in overhang, is out of stainless steel of 10mm thickness. It has length of 4m and the diameter of the final opening is 2m30.

Advisory & technical assistance, production:
Architecture Office AVA, architect Patrice Neirinck -
Office in resistance and stability BAS, engineer Dirk Jaspaert -
Firm Amplus, sound engineer Johan Vandermaelen -
Firm Moker, metal workshop.

This project located near the South Station, is a place of emigration and social and political demonstrations. The work dedicated to all the migrants (inaugurated at the time of the 40 years of the Moroccan emigration) also referred to film of Joris Ivens on the Spanish civil war, “Spaanse aarde” of 1937 (trad: “Spanish earth”), documentary film narrated by Hemingway, which appears in a sequence, towed by a truck, a giant speaking pipe being used to put forth the speeches of encouragements to the Republican soldiers in the trenches on the battlefield, including those of La Pasionaria...

Above all, this crossing is a place of junction and dense mobility, of breaking bulk (train, car, pedestrian), of urban desarticulation, changes of scales, Public market.

photo Ria Pacquée.

Synthesis of this complexity, the human voice prolongs the axis of the avenue, like bond between the individual and space.

Speaking pipe in overhang, sign, symbol and public instrument, amplifying the human presence, Pasionaria is the deduction of an urban situation.

Tunisian demonstration, January 2011, photographs Anne Mortiaux.

The "indignés" mouvement demonstration at the "Pasionaria" Brussels june 2011 :


Emilio López-Menchero, Spanish artist living in Brussels


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